Public lessons are offered for all ages and stages of riding.  Group lessons are organized by level of rider.  We prefer to teach all new students one on one to assure proper attention to a young rider and thier mount.

We have some of the finest quality lesson horses to suit all levels of riders from the safest first time pony to the "A" show quality warmblood.

Experienced riders also may have the opportunity to lease or half lease either a privately owned or VBEC owned mount.

School horse lessons are $70.00 per student for a one hour lesson. (Private or group)

Half hour lessons available for students ages 4 to 8. $50.00
School horse lesson packages are also available for $650.00 for 10 lessons.  (Private or group)

Now accepting Visa and Mastercard

Lesson are available Tuesday through Saturday.  Please call to schedule a lesson 707-888-1517


Two of the most well known popular horses are Wellington and Machree.  Pasture buddies for life and truly two of the best horses to learn to jump with.